Our history from 1777 up to 2021

The traditional company was founded in 1777 and is family owned since 1930. Early in the 1970s Heinz Sälzer junior started the development and production of security products. In 1978 the first patent for a bullet resistant window was granted, followed by many other patents. Now the 3rd generation of the family manages the company. SÄLZER develops and produces security concepts against forced entry, ballistic attacks, explosions, fire & smoke and unauthorized access.

Even after 85 years, the family Sälzer has remained true to its principles, to develop innovative security technology for customer specific requirements that are tested and certified by independent test institutes.


Important steps:

2020 SÄLZER and Schüco realized their first development project.
2018 SÄLZER became part of Schüco.
2016 another test highlight, combined protection against various threats: fire tests of single and double steel doors with and without glazing in security level EI 90 (T90). At the same time, these security door protects against forced entry (up to RC4), ballistic attacks (up to FB 7-NS) and explosion (glazed level EXR4, unglazed level EXR5).
2016 SÄLZER is one of the first companies in Germany tested and certified according to the new ISO 9001:2015.
2015 the steel door series S4HS is successfully tested in the highest resistant class RC6.
2014 "Security Award" for the fully glazed steel frame door SECUFIRE®, combined protection against: fire and smoke level EI45 / S200, forced entry up to RC4 with panic locks, ballistic attacks up to FB4-NS and explosions (tested with 500kg explosives). And all this in the fully glazed version!
2014 completion of the own ballistic testing center. Before the products are tested at independent and accredited testing institutes, they are tested in the in-house test center. All kind of rifles and handguns are can be used in the SÄLZER test center, no limitation of the bullet velocity or the kind of caliber projectiles.
2013 aluminum window of the series SECURON® was tested in tilted window position in the resistant level RC3 according to DIN EN 1627-1630.
2011 blast tests with long time duration of the pressure: protection for people and buildings after accidents in the petrochemical and chemical industry. Start of the test of single and double steel doors series S4. Furthermore windows were tested according to this requirements in different versions (fixed window, window with tilt, tilt-turn hardware) from 2012 to 2014.
2011 Revision of the aluminum series which are in use for over 30 years. Beginning with the aluminum windows and doors of the series S6es. In particular the thermal properties have been improved. Afterwards the profile series S2es were enhanced concerning their building physical properties. This was completed in 2014.
2009 certification of the management system concerning occupational security and environmental protection using the ECOSYS method (the main requirements according to BS OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001 occupational safety and environmental protection).
2008 implementation and certification of a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008
2008 steel construction tested according to NATO STANAG 2280 with mortar shell (security level C4) and artillery shell (security level C5) tested.
2005 the third generation, Elke and Walther Sälzer, has taken over the management of the family owned company.
2002 further expansion of blast resistance: in addition to the already completed tests according to the European standards (DIN EN 13123-1, 13123-2) a wide variety of products were tested with a greater explosive charge, as in the standards were demanded. They started with an explosive charge of 100 kg, followed by 200kg and 500kg. Up to now many different product variants were tested such as single and double doors, sliding doors, and various facade and window types.
2002 first product test according to the standard of the US-Department of State, SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G. Started with a single steel door, now a wide range of products are tested.
2000 Sälzer initiate the gradual development of a worldwide distribution network.
1996 move to a new headquarters in Marburg.
1983 first patent for a blast resistant windows.
1978 first patent for bullet resistant windows.
1970 passed down to his son Heinrich Sälzer. Start of the development and production of security constructions against forced entry and ballistic attacks.
1930 assumption of the firm by locksmith master Heinrich Sälzer senior.
1777 founding of the nail and locksmith´s shop by Johannes Ernst.