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The two-day conference will deal with current security issues. The ever-growing threat situation and the increased need for security are becoming more and more important in today's planning. Increasing requirements pose ever more complex challenges for building owners, architects, security adviser and producers in the development and implementation of new multi security concepts.

In order to take an even more detailed look at new concepts and innovations, we have added an event day to the conference and invite you to join us on Wednesday, 18.09.2019. The SÄLZER experts will present the latest forced entry, bullet, explosion and fire tests as well as our new product developments and improvements. They will show combined protection concepts and use demand-oriented examples to explain modern multi security developments. Furthermore we will present our ballistics test center. The first day will end with a joint BBQ.

As usual, the following symposium on Thursday, 19.09.2019 will not only be a conference, but also a platform for networking and communication with speakers and participants. Renowned experts from various industries explain standards, present concepts and give an outlook on future protection requirements. The complex topic “security” is examined from different perspectives, taking into account specialist areas and focal points. We look forward for lively discussion with you and the speakers.