SÄLZER wedge barriers are designed for maximum perimeter entry security

SÄLZER anti vehicle barriers for maximum ram protection up to class K12 or PAS 68. Low depth of only 400 mm ("flatbed barrier"). Optional emergency-up control, closing the barrier within 1 second, thus protecting against attacks by heavy trucks, cars or bikes. System available also for rental.
Terrorists and criminals use all methods available to reach their targets. SÄLZER barriers offer highest protection for this kind of threat.

Mobile barrier for temporary use (buying or renting).
For the temporary protection of entrances and exits of events, such as Christmas markets or conferences we offer the mobile security barrier M850. 
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Video shows Crashtest with our K12-barrier:


Project examples:

  • Wedge barrier:

    Wedge barrier:

    tested according the standard of the US Dep. of State, level K12(15,000 lbs/50 mph; load 1,695kJ)

  • K12-barrier:


    necessary foundation depth only 400mm.

  • Barrier with emergency up function:

    Barrier with emergency up function:

    the barrier can be opened in 1 second.

  • Barrier


    also available according PAS 68 (impact load: 1,852kJ) .


» Download brochure: Perimeter security pdf