Prison and detention room door S4Z

Security steel door especially developed by SÄLZER for application in police stations, court houses, prisons, forensic clinics and other detention rooms. Combinable protection including forced entry/outbreak resistance, anti-vandalism and prevention against self-injury and suicide.

Security classes:

The door is extremely resistant to torsional loads due to the double-walled steel construction. The door leaf thickness up to 72 mm ensures a maximum protection against vandalism and break out attempts. The door leaf consists of an inner reinforced frame made of flat steel profiles and is clad at both door sides with steel sheets. The door has no exposed edges inside therefore there is no risk of injury or for suicide attempts.

For break out resistant products no standard exist. Therefore SÄLZER tested the doors of the S4-Z series in accordance with the standard for forced entry resistance, DIN EN 1627-1630, to ensure proven security. The door was tested from both sides in the resistance level RC 4:

  • From the exterior side (corridor side, against forced entry respectively realese attempts) and additionally
  • From the interior side (cell side, against break out attempts).

Tested according to the guidelines for cell doors of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The test results in detail:

  • At an edge load of 2 t - the deflection was < 3 mm (target: <5 mm) and
  • At a static load of 2.5 t - the deflection was < 6.5 mm (target <15 mm) and
  • At a torsion load of 2.0 t - the deflection was < 4 mm (target: 1.3 t load / deflection <80 mm).
  • Similarly, the door must be operable with a key from the corridor without further technical aids after 15 min. fire exposure inside the cell.

As a further variation the door is available in the following combination of security:

  • Fire resistant - 30 min. and
  • forced entry and breakout resistance in RC 4

  • Cell door:

    Cell door:

    break out resistance according customer requirements.

  • Cell doors for police station:

    Cell doors for police station:

    maximum protection against vandalism and break out attempts.

  • Cell door with food passer,

    Cell door with food passer,

    massive steel door clad with timber, exact replica of an existing cell door.

  • Cell area of a police station:

    Cell area of a police station:

    braek out resistance up to level RC4, tested of both door faces.

Supplementary equipment

Food passer
The SÄLZER food passer is a double walled steel unit, including a food passer lock. The food passer is flush to the inside door surface in the closed position. The two heavy duty hinges serve as an opening delimiter. The locking mechanism can be supplied by the customer depending upon the security situation.

Door viewer
The door viewer is manipulation and vandalism resistant:

  • Wide angle: 150°
  • Easy installation and no exposed parts for manipulation on cell side.
  • Operation by authorized staff outside the cell.
  • Pass through position: opening to pass medication, can also be used to clean the door viewer, if inmate has obstructed the viewer.Ebenso als Standard-Sicherheitsspion erhältlich.
  • Standard door viewer also available.

Security chain
For extremely heavy use SÄLZER has developed a special, solid security chain, with mounting plate attached to the frame and locking rail installed on the door leaf. As an option: SÄLZER provide a security chain that can be locked from either direction.

Observation window
The SÄLZER observation window allows the authorities to observe cells, common rooms etc. The glazing is tested in accordance with DIN EN 356 and is available up to the highest forced entry/break out resistance levels. The size and form are customized. Optional, outside blinds can be installed on the window.

In the fanlight, video equipment and lighting systems are installed. Inside the cell the bullet resisting glazing is flush mounted. The glazing is tested in accordance with DIN EN 356. Outside the cell there is a perforated sheet installed as revision opening.

Quick Release fastener for cell doors

  • Sliding bolt
    Two solid sliding bolts, each made of flat steel 45 x 12 mm. Mounting guide plate is installed on the door leaf and the inlet anchor is mounted on the frame.
  • Hand lever
    This fastener locks quickly and reliably with a lever bolt. The hand lever is particularly easy to use.

Vandalism-resistant door status display

  • Red-green door status indicator (traffic light system), with optional door buzzer.
  • Mechanical latch position indicator.

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