Multiple tests against various threats

Security windows in steel tube frame construction for elegant, slim elements with expansive glazing. Multiple functional combinations of forced entry/outbreak resistance (up to RC 4), bullet resistance (up to FB4-NS), blast resistance as well as fire and smoke protection.

To comply with all customer requirements concerning security and design the SECUFIRE® series is available in four different types:

SECUFIRE® S (profile depth 70 mm/max. glass thickness 57 mm)
SECUFIRE® U (profile depth 83 mm/ max. glass thickness 70 mm)
SECUFIRE® F (profile depth 75 mm/ max. glass thickness 62 mm)
SECUFIRE® P (profile depth 65 mm / max. glass thickness 52 mm)

Security classes:

  • Security window series SECUFIRE:

    Security window series SECUFIRE:

    Forced entry, bullet and fire resistant transaction window with exchange drawer.

  • Individual design:

    Individual design:

    height 6,921 mm incl round arch, clad with bronze, combined protection.

  • Application: commercial property.

    Application: commercial property.

  • Police headquarters:

    Police headquarters:

    combined protection against forced entry, fire and ballistic attacks.