Series WINDEX® - Highest Security

Special product development by SÄLZER for the effective reduction of damages due to diverse incidents causing high pressure loads.
The reasons for a explosion can be have different causes, it is certain that only a little spark is enough to cause a huge blast.

To keep the damage as small as possible in the case of an emergency SÄLZER developed the WINDEX® pressure relief windows.

The principle is simple: In case of a blast the produced pressure in a room will be transferred and relieved through the WINDEX® pressure relief window to the outside. If the pressure rises, an integrated bottom hung casement, located in the tilt-turn wing, will be opened to the outside. After a calculated distance the glass pane reaches a steel spike which destroys the window pane. A single wall bullet-proof glazing prevents that the glass splinters can get out. The cover frames drop off of the mountings and are held by nylon cords.

  • Pressure relief window series WINDEX.

    Pressure relief window series WINDEX.

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