Effective protection against terroristic attacks

The destructiveness of a blast depends on many factors such as the size of the explosive charge, the duration of the blast wave and the distance to the source of the explosion. SÄLZER has extensively tested its products in life tests according to international standards for blast protection such as DIN EN 13123-2 (table below) or according to individual customer requirements.

Individual security concepts tested and certified:

  • Open range tests according to DIN EN 13123-2 / 13124-2 (table below)
  • Shock tube test tests according to DIN EN 13123-1 / 13124-1 (table below)
  • Customized requirements: products tested with various charges e.g. 500kg, 200kg, 100kg in different distances to the test specimen

Requirements of petro-chemical industry:

  • Blast-resistant glazing according to ISO 16933, ISO 16934, DIN EN 13541 (special glass)
  • ASTM F1642-04
  • UFC 4-010-02 (US Department of Defence)
  • Classification according to GSA TS01-2003. SÄLZER recommend class GSA2, no injuries to humans in the room caused by the explosion (table below)
  • Many different facades, window and door variants tested such as facade system with integrated smoke extraction, double glazed aluminum doors
  • Combinated security: blast resistance combined with protection against ballistic attacks up to FB 7-NS, forced entry resistance up to RC4 / RC5 and protection against fire and smoke up to EI90 / S200, BS 476 120 min.


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