High protection against pressure waves

In contrast to the effects of explosions caused by TNT, which have a high pressure but a short duration, the prolonged pressure of time is characteristic for explosions caused by accidents in the petrochemical and chemical industry. Also for these requirements SÄLZER has developed special products. The resistance of the products are verified by various life tests at accredited testing institutes.

An explosion or detonation releases extreme energy:

  • A pressure wave of e.g. 0.1bar (10kPa) corresponds to a load of 1t/m2 (2,205lb / m2). To withstand this enormous pressure, the complete element must be constructed pressure wave resistant: from the glazing, glazing beads, wings, frames, locks up to the fastening material etc.
  • If only a protective film is laminated onto the glazing and the other components of the product like the wing and frame are still unsecured, the window could not withstand the enormous pressure. SÄLZER only offers fully pressure wave resistant products, which are tested as complete unit.

Examples of our extensive list of tests:

  • The glazed double steel door withstood a pressure of 0.93bar (93kPa) the duration of the pressure was 4,500ms.
  • The aluminum window was tested with a pressure of 1.344 bar (134kPa), duration of the pressure was 2,000ms.
  • All test result are classified in accordance with GSA TS01-2003 in class GSA2 (no splinters, see table below).

Combined protection:

  • Additional to the high pressure resistance offers e.g. the SÄLZER steel door S4 protection against fire up to EI 90 and T90-1/2, British Standard BS120 and smoke protection S200 (RS-1).
  • Optional: protection against ballistic and blast attacks.


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