High resistance and appealing design

Anti-terror-bollards by SÄLZER available as fixed or flexible (automized) unit- offer protection against violent impact of all kinds of vehicles. Blocked area may be defined individually by distance between bollards and number of units. 

Each bollard is characterized by high stability and resistance without sacrificing a decorative design. The design can be individually adapted to the historical circumstances of a building.

  • Bollards for a consulate:

    Bollards for a consulate:

    available according PAS 68 and according to US DoS standard SD-STD-02.01.

  • Bollards:


    combination of fixed and automatic retractable bollards.

  • Bollard with traffic light:

    Bollard with traffic light:

    protected access to a data center.

  • Bollards with lighting

    Bollards with lighting


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